Monitoring large number of plants on 24/7 basis in greenhouse or open field

Latest version CropObserver

Multi sensing plants in real-time on maximum and effective efficiency of Photosystem II, light intensity, radiation, ETR , Height information and plant area

CropObserver is to be positioned 1 up to 4 meters above the crop. A computer-controlled mirror system creates a rectangular measuring area containing more than 1.000 measuring points. At each measuring point a short pulse of laser light induces chlorophyll fluorescence emissions. A fluorescence sensor        captures this signal in return. Firstly, all locations of the rectangular measuring area are measured. Only locations with sufficient chlorophyll fluorescence   signal are stored in the memory.  In subsequent measuring cycles only these stored locations are measured. Since plants grow and move over time, at     midnight (12 pm) all locations of the rectangular measuring area are measured again and checked on fluorescence intensity. From the number of accepted measuring positions the projected plant area is calculated. At each laser spot the Fo and Fm is measured and from this data the efficiency of photosynthesis of Photosystem II is calculated. At the same time the light intensity from the PAR quantum sensor (Licor 400-700 nm), the global solar radiation from the pyranometer (Licor 400-1100 nm) and crop height is determined, using single point optical laser triangulation. From PAR light and Fq’/Fm’, the relative ETR (Electron Transport Rate which correlates with CO2 uptake) is calculated. The CropObserver can be monitored remotely by a computer using the Internet. It uploads its data to the platform. On this platform all data from the CropObserver can be monitored and compared to other climate data.

24/7 real-time information on a computer

  • Fv/Fm or Fq/Fm (Laser induced chlorophyll fluorescence sensor)
  • PAR light intensity in µmol s-1.m-2 (quantum sensor)
  • Global solar radiation in W.m-2 (pyranometer)
  • Relative ETR

Unique properties

  • Real time monitoring from a measuring distance up to 4 meters above the crop of photosynthesis parameters
  • Height and projected plant area measurement
  • Up to 17000 measurements per day
  • Monitoring of up to 8 m2 on a 24/7 basis
  • Stand-alone or integrated into online software platform
Graph of light absorption
Graph deviation ETR