Latest version PathoScreen

Imaging GFP, RFP, chlorophyll fluorescence and colour simultaneously

PathoScreen visualizes the GFP/RFP labelled pathogen and the effect of the presence of the pathogen on the plant through imaging the stress response of the plant. PathoScreen measures multiple fluorescence images at 6 megapixel resolution providing pixel-to-pixel images of Green Fluorescence Protein (GFP),Red Fluorescence Protein (RFP or DsRed), Chlorophyll Fluorescence (CF) and colour (in RGB). Modified pathogens can be selectively imaged using GFP and/or RFP labelling together with the stress response of the plant using chlorophyll fluorescence technology yielding the maximum quantum yield of Photosystem II (PSII) photochemistry (Fv/Fm). This provides early detection of the pathogen and its interaction with the photosynthesis of the plant. GFP images are corrected for auto-fluorescence from senescing leaves.

Measuring GFP, RFP, CF and colour images of small whole plants, detached leaves and/or pathogens

  • Camera with 6 Mp at 14 bit
  • Total recording time of all images in 10 s
  • Time-lapse recording
  • Filtered blue LEDs for GFP excitation, filtered green LEDs for RFP excitation, red LEDs for chlorophyll excitation and white LEDs for colour
  • Pixel-to-pixel information on multi fluorescence and colour images
  • Built-in pc and monitor for timed imaging, light control and data storage
  • Custom optimized measuring protocols

Captured images

  • Fluorescence images for labeled biological material on GFP, auto-fluorescence, and RFP
  • Chlorophyll fluorescence images of plant material yielding F0 and Fm of the Kautsky induction curve
  • Colour images in separate red, green and blue images (RGB)
  • Imaged area of 130×130 mm2
  • High Depth of Field (DOF)

Images of plants on multiple parameters

  • GFP, GFP corrected (for auto-fluorescence) , RFP and CF
  • Absolute and relative area of pathogens and plant material
  • Fv/FM= (FM-F0)/FM (maximum quantum yield of PSII photochemistry)
  • Colour in red, green and blue intensities (RGB values)
PathoScreen; color image of leave
PathoScreen; Tracer fluid image of leave
PathoScreen; RFP image of leave
PathoScreen; Fv over Fm image of leave
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