PlantExplorer PRO PAM: whole plant imaging at 5Mp of Photosystem II, spectral and color

The PlantExplorer PRO PAM measures fluorescence images providing different photosynthesis related parameters. Fluorescence parameters are calculated per pixel and displayed as images. Multispectral and color images are captured   using the same optical layout as for the fluorescence images and a 10 position optical filter wheel. This yields images of the Chl-index (correlates with the amount of chlorophyll), Anth-index (correlates with the amount of anthocyanin), NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index), NIR and colour.

Measuring fluorescence and spectral images of whole plants using high resolution camera imaging and modulated LED excitation

  • Actinic all LED light sources for red, far-red, white, green, blue and uv
  • Built-in computer for timed imaging, light control and data storage
  • Pixel-to-pixel information on fluorescence, multispectral and color
  • Time-lapse recording

Captured images

  • Camera frame rate of 40up to 100 images/s at 12 bit
  • In darkness: F0, FI, Fm
  • In the light: Fs, FI, and Fm
  • Spectral images at 10 bands
  • Imaged area of 50 x 50 cm2
  • High Depth of Field (DOF)

Images of plants on multiple parameters

  • Fv/FmPo=(Fm-F0)/Fm (maximum quantum yield of PSII photochemistry)
  • ϕRo=(Fm-FI)/Fm (quantum yield of reduction of end acceptors of PSI)
  • ϕPSII=ϕPt=Fq’/Fm’=(Fm’-Fs’)/Fm’ NPQ (non-photochemical quenching)
  • ETR (Electron Transport Rate)
  • Chl-index, Ant-index, NIR, NDVI, color in red, green and blue
  • Raw 16 bit format on all captured images for using open source or other software